As The CART Fund celebrates is twentieth year it has been featured in a segment of Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas, “Remembering No More: A Story of Change – Life in the Carolinas Alzheimer’s Special”.

This episode shines a spotlight on some of the unique aspects of The CART Fund.  Front and center is CART’s unique role in funding cutting-edge, innovative Alzheimer’s research projects.  This approach distinguishes CART from other funding sources that tend to favor established projects and labs.

Featured in this episode is CART Founder Roger Ackerman.  Roger Ackerman encountered Alzheimer’s disease first hand during his mother-in-law’s eighteen-year journey with the disease.  Her suffering inspired Roger to explore ways to accelerate a cure for Alzheimer’s.  Roger convinced his fellow members of the Sumter, SC Rotary club to empty their pockets of spare change at weekly meetings to fund cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research.  With Roger’s effort, the outpouring of donations in Sumter soon spread throughout District 7770, and then to neighboring Rotary Districts.  Today 14 Districts and a number of individual clubs support The CART Fund.

During the show, keep your eyes open for a brief walk-and-talk with Bill Shillito the Executive Director of The CART Fund.  Bill was the driving force behind this film project as well as its sneak preview at the Zone 33-34 Institute in October 2015.  The CART Fund is grateful for the invitation from Rotary International Director Robert L. Hall and his wife Charlene to share the work of The CART Fund at the 2015 Zone 33-34 Institute.

Several of CART’s illustrious grant recipients are also featured in this segment including Allan Levey, Ph.D. of Emory University, Ben Bahr, Ph.D. of UNC Pembroke and Erik Musiek MD, PhD, of Washington University, St Louis MO.

Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas is an Emmy nominated and award winning TV show in its seventh season.  This segment first aired November 21, 2015.

Watch the program here: