We are pleased to provide this online resource library to provide our volunteers with the tools needed to share our message effectively.

Please click the appropriate folder below to access the files you need. New files are being added regularly, so check back often for updates.

Official CART Logos

Our brand is more than just our logo. It is our reputation, our history, and even our future. These are the correct logos that should be used on any CART-branded materials (including social media posts, printed publications, websites, attire and ad specialty items). We should only use the Rotary logo when paired with a partnering club or district. (For example, we would never use the Rotary International logo along with our logo, as we are not a “Rotary International Partner.”)  We are, however, proud to be a partner of more than 40 Rotary districts and 500 Rotary clubs in North America!


We are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who help make The CART Fund visible and successful. We are proud to provide various resources to assist our volunteers in sharing our message, including power point presentations, printed materials and graphics.


CART-Branded Items

We are proud to partner with Civic Swag to offer the purchase of various CART-branded items, including display banners and tablecloths. Other items are being added on a monthly basis, so let us know if there’s something you would use, and be sure to check back often for updates! A special thank you to Erin Andrews, the owner of Civic Swag, for donating a portion of all sales back to our supporting organization, TRAC.