In May of 2005, the sixth grant made by the CART Fund was presented to Dr. Gary Small and his research team from UCLA. They received a check for $250,000. UCLA was selected ahead of 70 other applicants from research centers in over 40 states. This makes the total CART grants $1,350,000.00. The UCL:A scientists are the first to develop technology that will provide a direct measure of plaque and tangle density in the living patient. The plaque and tangles are commonly found in all Alzheimer’s patients. Using only human volunteers, their project will be the first ever to detail the use of this technology in people at risk for Alzheimer’s. This research hopefully will result in a major breakthrough in early detection and even prevention of the disease. Above, Rotarians from District 6920 join CART grants chairman Jack Bass in presenting Dr. Small with UCLA’s check.