May 4, 2004 — At the annual meeting of the CART Board of Directors in Columbia, SC, the University of Connecticut Health Center was announced as the recipient of its fifth grant in the amount of $250,000.00 for research that will take place over the next two years.

Dr. Robert Reenan, principal Investigator of this research, was on hand to receive the award and check.

The University of Connecticut was the unanimous choice of the three scientists who reviewed all of the applications and reported their findings in a conference call with the CART Grants Committee chaired by Dr. Jack Bass of the Hilton Head Rotary Club. Initially their were 34 research centers who applied by submitting a synopsis of their proposal. The advisory group of scientists chaired by Dr. Sam Gandy selected 12 of the 34 institutions to receive invitations to apply and from these Connecticut was the clear choice. Dr. Gandy stated that the applications were outstanding.

This brings to $1.1 million total grants made by the CART Fund.