On May 6, 2014, at the annual meeting of The CART Fund, Ben A. Bahr, Ph.D., the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of the University of North Carolina – Pembroke was awarded a CART grant in the amount of $100,000.

Research Project

Millions of baby boomers fear Alzheimer’s disease is an impending epidemic, with age-related imbalances between protein production and protein clearance increasing their risk for the disease as they age. To reduce the different proteins that accumulate in Alzheimer’s disease, the CART project in the Bahr Lab is studying a newly identified class of compounds that enhances the protein clearance ability of lysosomes – the small machines with garbage disposal duties inside nerve cells. Ben Bahr’s team is developing drugs with good safety profiles to help clean up the neuronal neighborhoods that are important for memory, thus providing a disease-modifying therapy that acts on multiple types of protein accumulation events.

What To Read Next…

Bahr CART research receives another 2 years of funding from USANA Health Sciences Inc.