Frequently Asked Questions about CART

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Does a donation to CART help me become a Paul Harris Fellow?

Unfortunately, no. At least not yet. It is our dream to see CART adopted by Rotary International as a worldwide project.

I’m not a Rotarian but this is something in which I would like to participate. Can I?

Of course! Send your donation to: CART Treasurer, P.O. Box 1916, Sumter, SC 29151. If you would like to become a Rotarian, visit www.rotary.org.

This is a great project. Although our Rotary Club is not in one of the project’s districts, can we participate?

Of course (like a Rotary project would turn down a donation?). In fact, several clubs in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, California, Maryland and Texas have participated in the past. Send your collected funds to: CART Treasurer, P.O. Box 1916, Sumter, SC 29151.

Our club is in one of the Districts, but we have not been participating. What can we do to get started?

While the eleven Districts have agreed to participate, the word is slow filtering down to some clubs. Getting started is EASY. Explain the CART program to the club. In most areas, a CART spokesman can give a kickoff program. Pass a collection plate through the club meeting. (We will be glad to send you CART buckets to pass). Quarterly, have the club treasurer mail a check for the collected funds and send it to the District CART Board Member or to P.O. Box 1916, Sumter, SC 29151.

How much actually goes to research?

All of your original donation and over 80% of the interest it generates goes to Alzheimer’s research. All board-approved expenses such as the salary of the part-time Executive Director, CART buckets, the annual Board meeting, insurance bonds, and printing are paid from interest income earned on short-term C.D. investments.