Frequently Asked Questions about CART

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How can I learn more about CART?

Watch the made-for-TV episode that features CART, Remembering No More …and… Visit our Facebook page

How many grants are made each year?

The number and dollar amount of grants made each year depends on the donations received that year.

How can I learn more about how CART is structured and governed?

Contact Executive Director & CART Fund Consultant Bill Shillito execdir@cartfund.org or 828-320-6410

Does a donation to CART help me become a Paul Harris Fellow?

Unfortunately, no. At least not yet. It is our dream to see CART adopted by Rotary International as a worldwide project.

I’m not a Rotarian but I’d like to participate. Can I?

Of course! Go to http://www.cartfund.org/cart/donations/ to make a one-time or recurring credit card draft via Pay Pal.

Or, mail your donation to:

CART Treasurer
P.O. Box 1916
Sumter, SC 29151

What does our club need to do to support CART on a one-time basis?

Mail a check to CART Treasurer, P.O. Box 1916, Sumter, SC 29151.

What is the annual giving minimum for a club that supports CART?

There is no annual giving minimum. CART donations are completely voluntary.

What does our club need to do to support CART on an ongoing basis?

This choice is completely up to your club. To raise funds for CART, our supporters have hosted music events, run the circumference of the earth, held go-CART races, golf tournaments, dance festivals and more.

Many clubs take a weekly CART collection using CART buckets and challenge local businesses to match. Some clubs designate a portion of a fund-raiser to CART. Some clubs host events that support CART exclusively. Check out CART’s Facebook page to see some of the incredible fundraising efforts of our supporters. Mail a check for the proceeds to CART Treasurer, P.O. Box 1916, Sumter, SC 29151.

How can my family and I support CART as individuals?

Individuals and family members can go to http://www.cartfund.org/cart/donations/ to set up monthly credit card drafts via Pay Pal. Monthly bank drafts are another option. Many families choose to designate memorial gifts to CART in honor of loved ones.

How much actually goes to research?

100% of your original donation and over 80% of the interest it generates goes to Alzheimer’s research. All board-approved expenses such as the salary of the part-time Executive Director, CART buckets, the annual Board meeting, insurance bonds etc. are paid from interest income earned on short-term C.D. investments.

Is CART a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes. Tax ID # is 31-1466051.