CART Grants Awarded

Research Center and Lead Scientists


•1999 Emory University: Allan I. Levey, M.D. Ph.D. and Jim Lau ($100,000)

•2001 Case Western Reserve University: Karl Herrup, Ph.D. and Gary Landreth ($250,000)

•2002 Johns Hopkins University: Philip C. Wong, Ph.D. and Donald Price ($250,000)

•2003 University of Pennsylvania: John Q. Trojanowski, M.D. Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2004 University of Connecticut Health Science Center: Robert Reenan, Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2005 University of California, Los Angeles: Gary Small, M.D. ($250,000)

•2006 University of Texas Medical Branch: Claudio Soto, Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2007 Mayo Clinic Jacksonville: Todd E. Golde, M.D., Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2008 The Cleveland Clinic: Sanjay W. Pimplikar, Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2008: The University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center: J. David Sweatt, Ph.D. ($200,000)

•2009: University of Kentucky: Harry LeVine.III, Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2009: Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fl: Leissring, Malcolm A. Ph.D. ($200,000)

•2010: University of Kentucky: Paul Murphy M.D. ($250,000)

•2010: University of Wisconsin: Luigi Puglielli M.D., Ph.D. ($100,000)

•2010: University of Pennsylvania: Kurt Burnden Ph.D. ($50,000)

•2011: University of Pennsylvania: Kurt Burnden Ph.D ($250,000)

•2011: Case Western – Reserve: Gary Landreth Ph.D. ($100,000)

•2011: Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston: Brad Hyman M.D., Ph.D. ($50,000)

•2012: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles: Maya Koronyo-Hamaoui Ph.D. ($250,000)

•2012: University of Washington, Seattle: Valerie Daggett Ph.D. ($100,000)

•2013: Children’s Hospital Boston; Harvard Medical: Beth Stevens Ph.D. ($250,000)

• 2013: Lerner Research Institute; Cleveland Clinic Foundation: Bruce Lamb Ph.D. ($100,000)

• 2014: Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis: Nigel J. Cairns, PhD, FRCPath ($250,000)

• 2014: Boston University School of Medicine: Tsuneya Ikezu, MD, PhD ($100,000)

• 2014: University of North Carolina – Pembroke: Ben A. Bahr, Ph.D. ($100,000)

• 2014: University of South Florida: Chuanhai Cao, MA, PHD ($50,000)

• 2015: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine: Erik Musiek, MD, Ph.D. ($250,000)

• 2015: Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University: Wenjie Luo, Ph.D. ($100,000)

• 2015: George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology: YongTae (Tony) Kim, Ph.D. ($100,000)

Research centers from all over the USA have submitted as many as 80 applications for CART grants annually. Applications must be from researchers working in the United States. The number and amount of Grants are based on the income received each year from any source.

The grant process is outlined in the section, ‘Applying For A CART Grant.’