Follow-on Funding from Regulation A+ Tier II SEC Qualified Offering


The CART Fund is pleased to announce follow-on funding for the research project begun by Chuanhai Cao, MPH, Ph.D. with a 2014 CART Grant.

Alzamend Neuro has licensed Cao’s patented mutant peptide for use in immunotherapy from the University of South Florida. Alzamend aims to support the continuing research by the team at the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute and develop and commercialize their results into meaningful solutions.

The funding for Cao’s continued research will come from a Regulation A+ Tier II SEC Qualified Offering launched by Alzamend Neuro Inc. Reg. A+ Tier II rules allow for the solicitation of the general public as well as traditional investors and financial institutions. Learn more at

Chuanhai Cao, MPH, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at the University of South Florida Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Research Institute (USF).

About Alzamend Neuro, Inc.

Alzamend Neuro, Inc. is a Delaware corporation registered in the State of Utah. The mission of Alzamend Neuro is to support the full product development life cycle of treatment and cures for Alzheimer’s believing that strong support of research is the foundation for true innovation. Providing current hope though the commercialization of existing patented intellectual property and know-how while simultaneously funding future hope through advanced research and development. Learn more about this Regulation A+ Tier II Offering online at

About The CART Fund

The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust Fund (CART) is a project of the Rotary Clubs of North America. Founded in 1995 in Sumter SC, CART provides financial support for Alzheimer’s research projects that are yet to be supported by extensive preliminary data but have the potential to substantially advance biomedical research. Learn more about The CART Fund by visiting

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