General Facts about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

alzheimers-brainAlzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, accounting for an estimated 60-80 percent of cases.
Difficulty remembering names and recent events is often an early clinical symptom, as are apathy and depression. Later symptoms include impaired judgment, disorientation, confusion, behavior changes and difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking.
•Over 5.5 million Americans are now victims of AD.
•Every 70 seconds an American is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (1,238 daily).
•Half of all nursing home residents have Alzheimer’s disease.
•The chance YOU have of getting AD doubles for each 5 years that you live beyond 60 years.
•Medical scientists predict that unless a prevention/cure is found the number of American victims will grow to 16 million within the next 20 to 25 years.
•Without a cure, one out of every 10 living Americans will ultimately become victims.
•9.9 million unpaid caregivers (mostly family members) take care of Alzheimer’s patients.
•The cost of health care is 3 times greater for someone with AD or other kinds of dementia.
•$49.3 billion is the expected total of Medicare costs for Alzheimer’s patients in 2010.
•$148 BILLION is the cost (direct and indirect) of treating and caring for Alzheimer’s disease patients annually.
Source: Alzheimer’s Association